Clean Living

Today is the fifth year anniversary of my last chemotherapy appointment. I was treated for Hodgkin's Disease throughout 1998. The disease responded well, and I was clearly in remission early in chemo, but it's always better to beat the odds by sticking it out. I had 12 visits (six cycles, for those in the know), and I'm awfully healthy here five years later.Yes, I have the signs of age: thinner hair and less of it (it never grew back into the amazing lushness pre-chemo), a bit of paunch that I recently shaved 20 pounds off but could reduce further, and a variety of little ailments which are highly treatable and not at all inconvenient. The flip side to age: I ride my bike about 11 to 12 miles a day, 3 to 5 times a week to my office, and have being doing Pilates, a form of exercise that's extremely fine for retoning and reshaping muscles, about twice a week. I've ridden over 2,000 miles in the last three years. I sleep well, I think clearly, and if I shot, I would shoot straight. Call me a poster child, but call me ahead of time. I've practically forgotten I ever had cancer, which is the way it should be.