When I Ask is My Spam Being Caught...

All I have to do is look at the procmail log that I keep in my home directory which captures all of the subject lines of messages being processed by SpamAssassin and then filtered for scores of less than 8 via procmail to see what I'm missing...

Subject: [SPAM:22.44] Fwd: Purchase Your V|@gra, Val�(u)m, X(a)n@x.Diet Pills
Folder: /dev/null                                                        6110
From misty.parkszw@world-net.sct.fr Sun Jan  4 21:07:45 2004
Subject: [SPAM:14.39] hi
Folder: /dev/null                                                        4846
From 53xugbqvcj@netzero.com Sun Jan  4 21:10:44 2004
Subject: [SPAM:26.31] 7 new amateur Jess Simpson flicks
Folder: /dev/null                                                        7034
From r_nunezmq@cdo.philcom.com.ph Sun Jan  4 21:13:16 2004
Subject: [SPAM:13.24] =?ISO-8859-1?b?aGk=?=
Folder: /dev/null                                                        4647
From mmje3mdy@codechina.com.cn Sun Jan  4 21:13:22 2004
Subject: [SPAM:15.66] 0.15Ԫ�����ڳ�;���������ֻ���0.3Ԫ���������ͼ��ô�
Folder: /dev/null                                                       12746
From go813dl@snowblowing.com Sun Jan  4 21:15:40 2004
Subject: [SPAM:29.22] OK
Folder: /dev/null                                                        6010

The flow of spam is definitely going down at least temporarily because of CAN-SPAM. In the last week, I've only had procmail bounce 3,000 messages and probably deleted about 500 to 750 that local spam filtering caught after SpamAssassin.