Congress in its limited wisdom is pushing forward a bill that will allow the copyrighting of facts in a database.Didn't Feist v. Rural Telephone Service settle this issue at the Supreme Court level? My understanding is that if you want to change this, you'll need a constitutional amendment, not another law. Fortunately, many huge companies are opposed to this law because it will cause many, many spurious lawsuits and have a chilling effect that doesn't benefit anyone but a few companies that themselves are licensing information from many sources and reselling it or compiling it from public sources. I've argued that Amazon.com can't actually protect most of the information it provides, even with licensing. Even if I agree to not copy their information and use it (or resell it), I don't believe that it's a binding contract because of Feist v. I'm not prepared to challenge it...but they're on the against side of this latest bill.