Nigerian Book Scam?

In my inbox this morning, I received the following. Sounds like a scam. I run, a book price comparison service, but I still think it's a scam -- partly because there were four other people addressed, none of which made sense or were legitimate email addresses. Yeah, yeah, a US-residiing Nigerian bookstore owner who needs me to dropship to Nigeria...My name is [deleted],i reside in the U.S and i am The Manager of [deleted] i do distribute all kinds of law books overseas and i recieved an order from one of my customer's in Nigeria. And which i am out of stock of the product they ask for, so please i will like you to help me get this title and give me the total cost so that i can pay it up including the shipment via UPS.And I will be paying with my credit card and i will also supply you with the shipping details in nigeria. Black's Law Dictionary by Bryan A. Garner, Henry Campbell Black's Law Dictionary Black, Henry L. Black Hardcover 10th edition ISBN: 0314228640) Qty:80 copies with discount.