Glaser Sues Himself

I can't seem to light a fire under the fact that Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO of Real Networks, is suing himself. His official biography excludes the fact that he is a part-owner of the Seattle Mariners, and thus Real's suit against Major League Baseball is actually in part a suit against himself as one of the owners that forms MLB. Technically, they're suing the multimedia part of MLB.I've contacted several reporters, and none thinks it's important enough to mention. But given Glaser's position, doesn't this add another angle to the story that he was unable to negotiate a private way out of this situation even with his fellow owners? ( doesn't reveal any recent stories about Glaser, Real, and The Mariners, by the way, so nobody appears to be making this connection.) It's also perplexing that it's almost impossible to find out who the owners of a team are. The Mariners site has information only about the players and stadium; MLB's site is about the game and the players. Sure, that's fine, but it's a multi-billion-dollar business, and you'd expect to see some more of the company information, too.