Multiple Drugs Might Give Cancer a Whammy

I don't know why the BBC gave this story the spin that they did. The article notes that one drug by itself did no good in killing drug-resistant tumors, but two in combination did. But later the article states,Professor Lawrence Young, of Cancer Research UK's Institute for Cancer Studies in Birmingham, told BBC News Online that combinations of drugs were already regularly used in cancer treatment. However, he said they tended to be used on a trial and error basis. I don't know if they quoted him correctly. For the form of cancer I was treated for in 1998, Hodgkin's Disease, there are two multi-drug protocols that are extremely effective: ABVD and MOPP. However, Hodgkin's is one of the great successes in cancer treatment, with long-term survival rates approaching 90 percent in the latest numbers I saw versus something like 25 percent 30 years ago. Perhaps the treatment mentioned in the article was the result of a different process of discovery.