Sophisticated Circuits PowerKey 650 USB Admin on Sale

If you're in the market for the $300 Sophisticated Circuits PowerKey Pro 650 Admin version ($200 retail for the SOHO version and $100 for the Admin software upgrade code), I've got one that I'm selling on eBay. The PowerKey can individually control whether an outlet is turned on or off or power cycled through software on a Mac. You can set triggers, schedules, or have the unit respond to touch-tone signals if you dial into it. (It even works on a fax line: you punch in digits between fax tones.)I own two of these puppies, necessary at one point in the past, and am selling one. If you're a Mac head and ever need to remotely power cycle a system, you need this. Here is the auction listing. The bidding is up to $75 at this writing, and my reserve has been met. I've tried to find a good Mac auction site, by the way, to no avail. eBay is too large to have the right market for specific Mac-only items outside of computers and a few peripherals. Any ideas for sites that work?