eFax's Junk Fax Upgrade Policy

I've been using a free eFax incoming fax number for several months because I receive so few legitimate faxes. I didn't realize there was a 20-page-per-month limit after which I would be obliged to upgrade to their now-$12.95/month basic service. Last month, I received 25 pages of faxes, about 20 of which were junk faxes.I wrote eFax explaining that I can't control the receipt of junk faxes, that I had saved them and could send them to prove that the faxes were, in fact, unsolicited, and noted that their other free customers probably are seeing the same volume of illegal faxes. Their response? Unfortunately, an extension of your eFax Free subscription cannot be provided, even if you reduce the number of fax pages you receive. If you wish to keep your eFax Free number you will need to upgrade the account. However, since there is no long-term commitment required for eFax Plus, you can terminate that account at any time. I'm not sure if they read my message and this is just boilerplate or they read it and responded in this fashion. Fortunately, my wife has a paid, underused eFax account that I can share with her. But when someone like Vonage adds not just a fax line option, but an incoming fax receipt option as part of their package, companies like eFax will disappear. I'll state it clearly: by counting junk faxes which are mass-dialed into free eFax numbers against the monthly limit, eFax is benefitting directly from the perpetuation of faxes that contravene federal law.