Kim Possible is Meg Murry

This will mark me as the biggest cartoon/sci-fi geek in the world, but on rereading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle I noticed some similarities with my current favorite "kids" cartoon program, Kim Possible.Kim Possible, a red-headed popular cheerleader with some humility and the usual high-school programs, saves the world on a regular basis. Meg Murry, a gawky but someday beautiful high-school math genius, saves the universe on a regular basis. Tenuous, right? Meg has a set of raucous twin brothers who turn out to be smart. Kim has the "tweebs," her twin brothers who are always bedeviling her. Meg's father? Physicist or maybe rocket scientist. Mother, a brilliant doctor of some sort experimenting in chemistry and medicine. Meg's mother is a red-headed knockout. Kim's father? Rocket scientist. Mother? Neurosurgeon and knock-out redhead. Now Meg has a younger brother who is quite precocious and brilliant named Charles Wallace. Kim has her buddy Wade, a super-genius who, although a teenager, is smart than most of the people on the planet. The missing piece is Meg's friend-later-husband, Calvin, who doesn't have a direct analog in Kim's world unless you count Ron Stoppable. They're both tall, lanky, and loyal. But Calvin is popular at school and Ron is not. Oh, wait, this works: Meg is unpopular, Calvin is; but flip it over and Kim is popular and Ron is not! QED. Did I mention I was a geek?