If You Don't Pay for It, Don't Expect Persistence

This is why I migrated my blogs elsewhere quite some time ago. It's expensive and tedious to host other people's stuff. It has to be a business. For a while, weblogs.com was part of a interrelated effort, and it made sense. I'm grateful that my content was so nicely hosted for free there for several months at one point. But I needed to control my own destiny and pay someone else (until I took it entirely in house) so there was a financial and contractual relationship.I've had problems with "free" in the past. Free means, "As long as it works out for us, we'll continue to do this thing, but we can't necessarily guarantee that it will persist longer than our need for it does." That is, it's all about them, not about you. Have gratitude for what is provided free and generously. But have care that you know precisely what you're paying for, too.