How to Restore Your Site via Google

Go to Google and enter your domain and a keyword in this -flibbertygibbit You need to pick a word that is not on any page, obviously, or you'll only get a subset of results. If you have a header or footer, use that word. I just tried this on and got these results. You can now either tediously used the Cached link for every page and copy it, or use one of these Web reaping or crawling tools to download everything linked off the Google pages to one link depth. You might limit the downloads to pages in the pattern of dates, like (in grep syntax): \/\d{4,4}\/\d{2,2}\/\d{2,2} This retrieves just the date archives. For instance, even my abandoned site, which can happily take a Deep Six, is archived in Google. Extra, extra! Super-Google-genius Tara Calishain (I hope that makes her blush) posts much more expert advice about retrieving old pages from sites through Google and another search engine, among other great ideas.