Free the Andy Richter One!

Dear Andy,I never watched the Conan O'Brien Show, and I had doubts about your sitcom Andy Richter Controls the Universe. But you won me over with the first episode. I worried it would be Herman's Head, but you came up with a truly surreal show sealed with your nice-guy with the churning fantasies persona. I tried to re-enact the Superman-crushes-coal bit from one episode for friends a few times. You didn't Control the Universe enough to prevent the cancellation of your own show, which disappointed me and my wife tremendously. Uh, the cancellation, not the show. But there's hope: Quintuplets, a romping new show on that bastion of entertainment Fox. After watching the first episode of Quints, in which you perform your usual magic, I realize that you're being held hostage in a program that doesn't deserve you. The first episode features about eight of the plots from my work-in-progress-in-my-brain, There Are Only Eighty Sitcom Plots, notably #8, "Kids Have Party When Parents Are Away," and #31, "Authority Figure Eats Drug Brownie." #31 is often only pulled out to jump a shark. I will soon be launching a national telethon to extract you from Quints. It's called Free the Andy Richter One! Hold on. We'll have you home soon. Yours, Fanboy