Take Control of GarageBand eBook

tco_gb_glennMy friend, colleague, and officemate Jeff Tolbert just had his first book published. Take Control of GarageBand is a $5, 68-page eBook from the folks at TidBITS who also published my Take Control of Sharing Files in Panther 100-plus-page whopper ($10).Jeff and I share an office with four other creative types, including a photographer, two other writers, and a book publicist. Jeff Tolbert is an illustrator, graphic designer, Web designer, and musician, and Jeff Carlson and I feel like we helped turn his interest in GarageBand into a writing project. It's a great first book. I read drafts and final versions, and it's not just a good effort by a first-time book author--with the tremendous support of the Take Control infrastructure--but it's a worthy read for anyone trying to get started with GarageBand who needs the help of a guiding hand. I know that I do.