Compounding Pharmacy: Infant Alert!

Our not-so-tiny baby Ben, now nearly eight weeks old, has acid reflux, a very common baby problem. You can either let them suffer for a few weeks or months as their gastric seal gets stronger, or you can intervene with an acid reducer. We opted for the latter, as both his parents have used such items in the past.Well, the oral formulation of Zantac is mighty unpleasant to an infant who likes the taste of Mylanta, even (also recommended by our pediatrician during the time the Zantac needed to take effect). Our ped's office and nurses seemed helpless when we asked if there were a better formulation. They all said, yeah, babies hate it, whatcha going to do? Lynn mentioned this problem in a new parents' group meeting, and someone suggested a compounding pharmacy. On the wane, these pharmacies can mix their own drugs, and often sell herbal remedies that are safely produced as well as regular pharmaceuticals. We found the nicest people at Ballard Plaza Pharmacy. They were totally familiar with this problem. They suggested the "tutti frutti" flavoring. When I arrived there, they not only had the goods for me, but spent a few minutes showing me their system for dispensing: a special graduated syringe, far superior to the one the pharmacy gave us with the normal oral Zantac formula; a special lid for the bottle into which the syringe fit snugly so you could turn the bottle over to withdraw the liquid; and a piece of tape with a line in it marked neatly at the prescribed level. Ben loves his tutti frutti. No more fear of us twice a day. No more crying. And his tummy is obviously much better. This doesn't reduce spit-up, but they don't get the acid reflux along with it. He's spitting up a lot less on average, but it doesn't make him unhappy when he does, which is good. We can wash anything--but eliminating tummy tears is priceless.