New Yorker Cartoon Editor Achieves Goal: All Cartoons Digitized


I interviewed The New Yorker's Cartoon Editor Bob Mankoff for three articles that I've written about cartoonists, two for the New York Times, and one for eCompany Now (a publication which acquired Business 2.0 magazine's name).Mankoff has come out with The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker, which is a project he started in 1997, and I wrote about the beginnings of which in 1998. He intended to digitize and categorize every cartoon ever published in the magazine. He's not only done that, but the book includes CD-ROMs with every cartoon on them in viewable form. A pretty monumental achievement. I saw the actual cartoon archives at The New Yorker's interim offices (after their move from their original space, before the Conde Nast Building move): shelf after shelf of clippings. Now, just a few little discs at lower resolution, and some gigabytes at full size--a bagatelle, a hard drive or so. The other Mankoff stories were about the panel, "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog," and the finances of the Cartoon Bank at the New Yorker.