Donate to Spread Firefox to

firefoxDonate to Spread Firefox to get your name in a New York Times Ad: I love this idea. Distributed fundraising for advertising to support a free piece of open-source software.Firefox is one of the top browsers for Windows, and not at all a bad choice for Mac. I'd only put Opera above Firefox because Opera is practically an operating system, which is useful for some folks who want email, chat, news, and Web, plus other features, in one place. But Opera is commercially developed with an advertising-supported version, while Firefox is open source. It's just a browser. And a good 'un. So I gave my $30 to towards the cost of a New York Times advertisement recommending that people use the program--my son's name will appear instead of mine so he can say he's had his name in the NY Times like his dad--and I hope you will do the same. It's a neat way to help others abandon Internet Explorer for a more productive piece of software that's much less likely to allow interlopers into their computer.