You Can't Censor When Forums Abound

I've said many times that when I suppress people's inappropriate or off-topic comments on my various lists, blogs, and forums that I've moderated that I'm not censoring. I'm not the government. Other forums abound for them to express their opinions, especially using their own resources. But Cathy Siepp says it succinctly and well:Amazingly, people will complain bitterly that they've been "censored" after they're banned, apparently forgetting that free expression on the Internet is always available to them via blogs of their own. They don't have the same readership, of course, which is why they prefer to come here. But folks, this is my blog, not yours, and anyone who doesn't understand that is forgetting that property rights are as fundamental to democracy as free speech. Of course, I rarely link to Republicans, but I'm making an exception, even with the ads and links on her site.