Peer to Peer Parenting

Another parent, Andrew I. Jones, who read my sleeping tips send in his own advice:1) Wonderoos reusable one-size-fits-all diapers. In theory, they can last for the duration the baby is in diapers. I say "in theory" because I have a four-month-old. 2) Amby Baby Motion Bed. When we were shopping for a crib, I joked that we should just use a hammock for simplicity. Little did I expect my wife to find one. A key principle of the hammock is that when the baby wakes, it's own movements will sway the bed and help her back to sleep. The hammock comes with a travel case, so when we travel she is sleeping in the same familiar surroundings. 3) Phil & Ted's most excellent baby stroller. It has a jogging stroller design with a pivoting front wheel, light weight. There are only a few strollers with this design.