Don't Vote Bush

Yesterday, I wrote about why I am voting for John Kerry, and what I expect from a Kerry administration.A lot of people can't stand the man, and can't vote for him. But they're angry about being betrayed by Bush. I've had a lot of conversations with lifelong Republicans with whom I am now in large agreement about an array of social and domestic policies. Bush's administration has pushed non-extremists closer together. If you can't bring yourself to vote for Kerry, just don't vote for Bush. We may live in a system dominated by two parties, but you can still opt out. Write in John McCain, even, a man I respect greatly (except for his party support for Bush in this election cycle). Write in someone you believe should be president. A John Kerry administration, just like the Clinton administration, will allow conservatives to participate in government and policy. The Bush administration allows only far-right extremists to participate in government and policy.