We Have to Fight for Every Last Thing

I'm not profoundly depressed that Kerry didn't win, and only slightly surprised after his surge the last few weeks. If the country had seen the man that won the debates and emerged in the last month for several months, the tide would have turned earlier, and he would have picked up enough votes in key states to have changed it around.But it's clear from Bush's first term and from the plans that have been openly discussed about what to do with a strong mandate and a totally overwhelming lead in Congress for his second term that we aren't going to see any cooperation at all. We have to fight for every last thing in every legal manner possible. The fact that so many races were so close just shows that people who believe in equal treatment for people of all stripes and all income levels really do abound. I have to say it is nice that there was a definitive winner. Some folks are raising the spector of Diebold stealing the election very subtly through evoting fraud because of the discrepencies in exit polling and actual voting in evoting and non-evoting districts and states. We'll see what comes of it, but it's certainly a better reflection of the failure of exit polling. I don't believe that Diebold is organized enough to run a subtle conspiracy.