Bad Translation


To cheer woes this November day, here is the greatest bad translation of a product manual ever created. I have a hard time believing the translator had more than a passing familiarity with English, or was viewing the entire project as a giant joke. The manual is for a bikestand that holds up to four bikes. It includes these gems:

  • You don't climb or hang from BIKE TOWER-3100. And keep out small babies from BIKE TOWER2.
  • It is your duty that you always adjust the degree of the Frame Hook Beam when you hang another bicycles.
  • If you felt any troubles about your BIKE TOWER-3100, you must stop using soon.
  • When you waste metal parts, keep away from small children to prevent from some injuries by them.

And my favorite sequence of three signs indicating various safety problems:

  • This sign means most dangerous things as death or serious injury or damage to your posessions.
  • This sign means forbid things.
  • This sign means your duty as compulsion things.