Unusual Browser Patterns

My Wi-Fi news site has an incredible reporting system that I have access to via my content and advertising partner Jiwire. It's called Omniture, and it can slice and dice and chart stats of all kinds. After reading yesterday that Firefox has nearly 5 percent of the browser marketshare (by usage) and Microsoft Internet Explorer has lost 5 percent of its share (from 95 to 90 percent) since May, I checked my stats.

Pretty astounding: at Wi-Fi Networking News, 22 percent of visitors in November use Mozilla (Gecko) which in Omniture's reporting combines a variety of Mozilla engines. It's mostly Firefox, I'd wager. Even more remarkable, IE 6 is just 64 percent. A full 5 percent use one of two recent versions of Apple's Safari! (Opera is about 2 percent, IE 5.5 is 1.6 percent, Netscape 7 is 1.3 percent.)

I trust Omniture's visitor statistics because they use a combination of JavaScript and cookies to determine unique visitors. I run a parallel set of simpler traffic reporting that relies entirely on IP addresses and session duration data, and it pegs visitors twice as high.