Ben Sleeps (a Little More, a Little Less)

Gramma BenI've been encouraged by Ben's fans to write more about him. Last night, we moved him into the nursery after having spent his whole life--his whole life!--sleeping near us in a co-sleeper, which is a sort of bed sidecar. He now sleeps from 5 to 9 hours from when we put him down to when he nurses in the middle of the night, and then usually sleeps from then to 6.30 am when he wants to wake up or nurse again. We're working on that, as we're told by others and have read that if a baby can occasionally sleep 9 hours (he's only done that twice) that he could probably start sleeping consistently all through the night. He's just nearing 15 weeks, so we now have to work on turning that ship a bit.

He's gotten quite a bit more difficult to put down for a nap. He's learned some resistance, but his sleepiness still comes through. Sometimes, I can jiggle the cradle slightly and he passes out. Other times, he will fall asleep in our arms when rocking or bouncing him, and then wakes up the instant his head hits the pillow. He's a little Gandhi about sleep.

I'm reading Babywise now at the suggestion of a colleague, and I'm finding it pretty good, but, unfortunately, we're already following most of the approach that the book suggests. It's a bummer to not have additional tips! But I guess we're already wise about babies? This one, anyway. He's baffling us a bit the last two days, but we think it's cabbage salad related--he didn't eat it, but mom did, and it's her first serious brassica intake in many months.