Men Declared Obsolete

It's finally happened. Eggs can be fertilised (that's an "s" because the report comes from Britain) without a man's involvement. Gender had a good run, but it's over. While the article states "The 'embryos' do not contain any paternal chromosomes, so could not develop into a baby," I'm not sure this is entirely correct. Ova contain two full sets of maternal chromosomes which in their journey down the fallopian tube emit two distinct polar bodies: the first gets rid of most of one and part of another of those sets, reducing down to one full chromosome set with some recombination; the second polar body gets rid of half of the remaining chromosome. So there's already some recombination before the ovum meets Mr. Sperm.

We've already read reports that the male Y chromosome is in terrible shape, like a beaten-up shantytown, full of junk and limping along. So, give it a little time, and see you later, men.