One Server Standing

A few weeks ago, I wrote about on the 10th anniversary of my starting a hosting and Web development company that I was finally getting out of the business of hosting domains, email, blogs, and Web sites for colleagues and friends.

I'm finally done. (Almost.)

All the email is gone; my wife's account was the last to migrate to

Almost all the domains are gone: just a handful of ones that I need a little more control over, and I'm going to move them off my office server soon enough.

Almost all the Web sites are gone: one remains with very low traffic that's several years out of date (it's an archive of the best online fiction, but suspended a while ago) because it's an .org and it's taken my friend Jeff a while to jump through weird hoops to move a .org domain's DNS.

What it means, primarily, is that I can go out of town and not have to worry about a power failure, a power-supply failure, or backup problems in my office. I have three computers that are co-located at digital.forest where I can turn to them if the system dies or needs help. I can pay them to work on my computers in a pinch. My email is in New York. My DNS is all over the world.

My operational responsibilities are running down to the bare minimum.