KUOW Weekday Podcast Feed (Home Brew)

I was curious how difficult it was to create a podcast RSS 2.0 feed from pages that are updated at, for instance, radio stations with new links. Email from a colleague pointed out to me that the m3u files that local public radio station KUOW uses for streaming MP3 are text files that contain the name and download location of the MP3 file on KUOW's server.

The Weekday show, which I've been a guest on a couple of times, has a fixed page location that's updated each weekday after each hour of the show, which runs from 9 am to 11 am. These links are automatically added by the system that KUOW uses to generate MP3 content practically the minute the show is over.

If you use any news aggregator, but especially one that's set up to read podcasts, this feed is updated at 10.30 and 11.30 am each weekday for the latest MP3s from Weekday. I've created this unofficial feed as just a proof of concept. I wrote it in perl using MySQL to handle storage and retrieval.

I hope that public radio gets into podcasting in as big a way as they get into streaming. Many public radio stations produce a great deal of original programming to which they already own the streaming rights. Moving into podcasting is a natural step. It lets them have more listeners, which could, in turn, provide more donations and support, which leads to more and better programming for listeners. It's a virtuous loop.