Well Met in Austin

The list is way too long, but I met a lot of folks in Austin that I have been looking forward to meeting for a while. (If I left you off, no offense! I met a ton of folks, and my memory isn't what it used to be.)

Esme Vos (Muniwireless.com), Rich MacKinnon (Austin Wireless), Craig Newmark (Craig's List), Eric Meyer (CSS god), Joshua Benton (we've met before, but nice to see him close to his Dallas home), David Isenberg (we've met before, but good to see him again), Jon Lebkowsky (all kinds of cool political activities), Dewayne Hendricks (met once before briefly), Molly Holzschlag (just as good looking as her Web site indicates--I'm talking about her CSS, people!), Cam Barrett (commiserated over hackers who had exploited both our systems), Adina Levin (Savemuniwireless.com), Mitch Ratcliffe, Jock Gill.

Most of the people I met were tired as was I. Something about jet lag, too much work, too much fun, and a conference knocked people out.

On my way back to Seattle, I think I spot Mitch, who lives about 40 minutes south of me, walking on the plane at Denver. Sure enough, I'm one of the last people to board and I spot him toward the back. I keep walking back, look at my ticket, look at how close I'm getting to his row, and see that we're seated window and aisle. We score an empty middle seat, one of a small handful on the plane. We have a conversation that lasts until we land, and it was great. An empty middle seat is an airline's gift to gab.