The Death of GoLive

I'm sorry, I meant to title this item, Adobe Buys Macromedia, but you get the picture. Since Adobe purchased Aldus several years ago, Macromedia and Adobe have wound up offering almost entirely complementary product lines. Adobe tried to get into multimedia authoring a few times and flailed. Macromedia wanted in on lucrative photo editing and other design tools.

But Adobe has the leading image editor, vector editor, and page-layout tool. (Quark has become a number two player in page layout by all measures, despite recent technological improvements.) Macromedia has the leading multimedia authoring tools (several) for interactive content hosted on computers or the Internet, the leading Web design tool, and several server products. They overlap only on Web design (Dreamweaver versus GoLive; the market abandoned GoLive about three years ago) and vector editing (FreeHand versus Illustrator, where the commitment to FreeHand seemed to lag several years ago).