Tiger Zone

Apple ships Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger tomorrow and I've already written quite a lot about it.

On Personal Tech Pipeline, you can read an overview and review that's focused on the "pro-sumer": a sophisticated consumer who probably already runs Panther and is interested in whether the upgrade is worthwhile.

In Saturday's Seattle Times, you'll read Jeff Carlson and my more mainstream take on Tiger focusing on a few key features that we think most people will be interested in.

On Monday, TidBITS runs its Tiger coverage, which is aimed at a dedicated Macintosh audience, with a lot of folks who support Macs in networked environments in companies, at home, and in education. They'll want to know about the bits and pieces that general coverage has missed.

It's a good release, and I've already run it on my PowerBook and Power Mac (using extra hard drives--I got smart this time around) and have seen none of the instability in late Panther releases nor any of the problems with RAM that bedeviled me then.

Still, I plan to run Tiger only from a secondary drive at work and an external drive on my PowerBook until I'm sure there are no gotchas. With Panther, I lost about 20 hours through reinstalls and other troubleshooting problems, and wound up spending about $200 more than necessary for RAM upgrades.