KUOW Starts Podcasting

KUOW joins the trend of public radio stations making at least some of their programming available through podcasting, a catchall term that has little to do with iPods, but rather encompasses the notion of turning audio broadcasts into downloadable chunks. It's an alternative to live or delayed streaming, letting someone choose to offset time (when they listen) and space (where they listen) because the entire show can be downloaded. Streaming content requires a live Internet connection, obviously, while podcasting just requires a live connection while downloading.

KUOW is now offering podcast RSS feeds to which you can subscribe via specially equipped RSS readers for three of their popular in-house programs: Weekday (separate feeds for first and second hour), The Conversation, and The Works. The last of those programs is a regular haunt for me since the show's inception a year ago January.

I'm an inveterate NPR listener, so having more ways to listen to my favorite local programs just means I'll listen more. Which is the point!