I haven't heard this term before, but it's part of post-feminism: lactivism! Activists agitating for the right (not grudging acceptance) of women breastfeeding babies in public. The New York Times covers it today.

I was typically unaware of how this all worked until having a baby. Ben has always been a frequent and insistent feeder, and if women don't have the right, ability, and comfort level to nurse in public, it condemns those who want to breastfeed to staying at home or giving up early.

I saw a discussion on a blog where grown men and women were going all oogey over the idea of women breastfeeding in places like Starbucks or a store, and it made me want to scream. So, what, you'd rather put a ball and chain on a women, leave her barefoot at the stove, not let her leave her house?

The sexualization of the breast is at the heart of this: the discomfort is from people who can't cope. If you don't want to see someone breastfeeding, don't look. It's the desire to stare and the repression of this desire that provokes discomfort in others. It's a beautiful act.