Moving Offices

My time in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle is over. Our lease of three years is up and we've been rapidly dismantling our office. Thank you, Craig's List, for your help in removing large, unwieldy objects.

If you send me snail mail, drop me a line for how to reach me. Three of we six colleagues will continue on to a new (improved? at least different) office space elsewhere. We'd hoped to relocate by July 1, but weren't able to nail down details with a potential office spot that needs to be built out.

Ballard BgFor the next month, at least, I'll be living...I mean working...out of an ActivSpace location in Ballard. Really, FreeLard, the boundary between Ballard and Fremont. I'll have a view of Salmon Bay, including the cement and gravel company that dumped 30 yards of slurry in my backyard (on request, not accidentally) and a working port.

The location is not near but on the Burke-Gilman bike trail which runs a few blocks from my home. So I'll have zero excuse to not bike in every single day of my tenancy.

ActivSpace rents out utility space with a tiny heater and a window that opens and a fluorescent light. There's a lock on the door and card-key access to the elevator and building. You can use it for anything legal. It's month-to-month (actually, 30 days' notice at any point), and you forfeit 50 percent of your security deposit for canceling within six months. It's cheap and we'll see if I can make it work for an office interregnum.

If you think I've been ignoring you, it's a little hard to stay on top of things with a baby, an office move, and a pile of great deadlines. You'll hear from me someday.