How's Ben?

Img 4795-1I hear from my loyal blog readers that you want more Ben news. Of course. I have to restrain myself.

He's not walking, but he's very adept at pulling himself up and balancing. He is very good about carefully lowering himself down. Very few thuds. We can tell when it's nap time, because his coordination fails. Walking is not far off, we're told by parents of older children.

He eats a lot of solid food. Four times a day. Not petite quantities. Entire half-pint (joke intended) glasses of organic millet and broccoli, for instance. Yes, we change a lot of diapers.

He's still very happy. The teething gets him (and us) down, and he has two enormous molars that still haven't broken through after what we think is about two months. But he has seven teeth that are pretty glorious. He's generally charming.

He figured out how to put smaller cups inside larger cups in a stacking set a day or so ago. This seems freaky to me: do 11 month olds do that? I'm not asking for a prodigy, but it just seems somewhat...complicated for such a young feller.

His most reliable work is "down," but we hear some others coming. He goes through fads. He says, "babybabybabybaby," but it's not in reaction to anything. He does one sign language sign: milk. And milk is for everything: more, food, book, happy, wave, etc. At some point he might differentiate between all those, but it's clear he knows the sign does something.