Radio, Radio

I appeared twice this week on KUOW. On Monday, I answered technology questions (and was hardly stumped) during The Power of Voice; on Tuesday, I talked (pre-taped) about bargain shopping on the Internet on The Works. I was just interviewed by an Amherst, Mass., radio station on wireless broadband and I'll post that link when the story runs.

Speaking of radio, tomorrow's New York Times Circuits section has my story on digital AM/FM radio, better known as HD Radio. I don't even want to tell my faithful blog readers how many interviews I conducted, how many technical documents and FCC reports I read, nor how long it took to put this together. It was worth it: there's a lot to write about HD Radio, and this is really just the first article out what I believe will be many that I write about the technology, the market, and the hardware.

It might seem that HD Radio, podcasting, Internet radio, and satellite radio are all different phenomena competing for the same earballs--um, ears. But they're all complementary. I expect that by the end of 2006, we'll see audio appliances that can do all four and that the notion of what you can listen to will be an opportunistic issue: what kind of network is available? Not one of specific limited choice.