HD Radio Stations Keep Rolling, Not Receivers

I filed my NY Times piece on this in late July with three tabletop radios from $250 to $600 about to ship. They're still about to ship...but even later. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how all three were delayed. This report from News.com indicates that shipments in quantity are probably not happening until maybe Spring 2006.

The CEO of the firm that created the HD Radio standard, which uses a very low-powered signal around existing AM and FM analog broadcasts, is dismissing the slippage. "We are seeing a month-or-two slippage, which is not uncommon with new technologies," he said in the News.com article.

I wish the reporter had hit harder on this. In a list of receiver shipping dates given to me by a radio station engineer that was assembled by someone in the public radio world, the receivers were supposed to ship early in 2005. The shipping dates slipped to mid-summer, then August/September. Now we're looking at Dec. to March, with strong indications that March is the most likely date for quantity. Boston Acoustics should be soonest, by Thanksgiving; Radiosophy with some units by December; and Polk by March 2006.

Receivers for autos are widely available and becoming much cheaper. But they're still selling in small quantities.