Web 2.0 on Radio 1.0 and 2.0

I talked about Web 2.0 on KUOW last night. Web 2.0 is a loose concept of assembling many services across the Internet into unique presentations that benefit the service offerers. So combine Google Maps with Craig's List real estate, or RSS feeds from 1,000 radio stations into a comprehensive directory of podcasts. Web 2.0 is mashing up content into richer results through services that companies or organizations expose with interfaces. Unintentional uses through intention sharing, more or less.

KUOW is moving into Radio 2.0 by broadcasting on both analog and digital FM using HD Radio for the latter, and by simulcasting not just its main signal on the Web, but also what it calls KUOW2 24 hours a day on the Internet and on a second HD Radio channel. HD Radio allows FM stations to have several subchannels at varying levels of quality. KUOW is testing running the BBC News 24 hours a day on a third HD Radio channel, too. Radio 2.0 or maybe even 3.0.