Take Control of Podcasting

Cover PodcastingI'm mostly known as a writer, but I edit as well. An editor's role should be to work with an author to shape their vision, help them turn it into coherent and discrete sense, and make pieces aren't missing. The author has to have a voice; the editor needs to let them sing. The first book I've edited in a long, long time came out this evening. It's an ebook called Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac written by Andy Williams Affleck. Andy is a podcaster and knowledgeable Mac guy. He's been creating narrowcasts since the concept gelled more than a year ago, and he acquired a lot of very specific, hard-to-collect knowledge. In the ebook--a $10 download in PDF form, no strange tools or passwords required to read--he covers what you need to know to plan, set up a studio, record a podcast, edit it together, and promote it. A lot of what he suggests can be done with existing hardware and software or relatively small investments. You can spend lots of money, but you absolutely don't have to. I've been intrigued by podcasts since they started appearing, and this book has motivated me to go back to the well over at Wi-Fi Networking News and see if I can't put together a regular show that would appeal to that niche audience that is always asking for more information in more forms.