South Eugene High School Class of 1986 Reunion! 20 Years!

SmsehsI'm making this post not because I think I went to high school with regular readers of this blog, but rather in order to reach folks who might type in the right text phrase into Google and then be guided to this page.

I was, not surprisingly, senior class president due to my penchant for self-promotion, catchy phrases, a sunny outlook, and capacity for interest in boring tasks. Some of my classmates told me at the time that they voted for me because they thought I would actually take care of the boring stuff. I got 80 votes to the second place person's 40 (a popular guy, unlike me) for running on the campaign slogan "No rhetoric." That was all my posters said.

It's my sworn duty nearly 20 years later to organize a class reunion. I abdicated authority for the 10th, which I wasn't able to get to. This time around, it's different.

If you went to high school with me, email me (glenn -at- And distribute my email address to others. I have a mailing list that's just being set up for reunion news. We have about 15 of us already corresponding and some leads on 50 to 100 more out of a class of 400.

Spread the news: August or October 2006 are the likely dates, and August is getting heavy voting from parents in the early group of 15. The Web site is now up at