The Ben Report: Rose, Ribbon, Popsicle

The latest Ben news? He can say rose, ribbon, and least recognizable to us, but distinct words. He has something like 100 to 150 words now, although I don't think anyone but Lynn and I could pick them out. I'd heard this from other parents before, and now I see how "pee!" and "puh!" and "pee-ee-uh!" are definitely not the same thing. He's teaching us his language as much as we're teaching him ours.

The more remarkable thing is how many objects he knows the names of. I can point to practically anything on the page in his books, including ones with hundreds of objects alphabetically organized or sorted by color, and he will almost immediately point to oranges, owls, or olivetti typewriters. I'm making the last one up.

He got a trike for Christmas. He'll take your hand and walk now. Tonight I asked him after his final milk of the day if he was ready for bed and without looking at me, he walked to the baby gate closest to his room and turned back--looking sleepy. My goodness.