I Thought They Were Exaggerating about Las Vegas

I'm in L.V. for the Consumer Electronics Show right now, and I have to say that on my first visit here, I'm amazed that what I had heard and seen before about the city seemed before I arrived here to be exaggerated. Now I understand that images I have seen on TV and in magazines, and stories I've read are substantially understated. What a place. And I'm just walking along the Strip, not exploring downtown or seedier places. Woof.

We are staying at Circus Circus in their satellite rooms where I am paying the most I ever have for the worst room. That is, the room is fine, but it's Motel 6 outside Goshen, Oregon, standards, Actually, a Goshen Motel 6 is probably cleaner and less worn.

They are building new stuff by the acre here--the entire city is covered in cranes--but there's so much money pouring in, there is little motivation to renovate. Worst case, they put in a new carpet. Best case, they tear down the rooms we're in and build better rooms.