Recommended Internet Services

For quite a long time, I ran my own Web servers, DNS hosts, email servers, and such. I still handle my own Web sites--mostly because of particular tuning needs and scripts and systems I run--but I've offloaded email and DNS and never been less burdened by it.

For email, I use, which offers heaps of storage, transfer, and access options--including secure Web, POP, IMAP, and SMTP--at what is a preciously low price. I pay a little over $10 per month to handle a bunch of domains and aliases and a reasonably high volume of email. They have a well-tuned version of SpamAssassin installed that tosses thousands of spams a day and filters a few hundred more that I can review later. (You can fine-tune those parameters, too, to toss more or less or put more in a holding tank.)

They just launched an easier referral program that will put cold, hard credits in my pocket, and this prompted me to mention them. I stopped running my own email over a year ago and have never been happier to not manage my own mail services. I recommended to various friends and family who were cast adrift when I shut down my offerings, and it's worked out well for them, too.

For DNS, I swapped over from many services to easyDNS. Great interface, good pricing (not rock bottom, but they answer email promptly and even get on the phone for troubleshooting when necessary), and overall superb service. They, too, have a referral program.

Yes, I'm trolling for referrals, but it's only because I like the services so much that I'll pimp them.