Bob Barr, Constitutional Hero

I never thought I would write these words: I have great admiration for Bob Barr. Most of his policy positions and his method of campaigning are abhorrent to me. But his out-of-office role as defender of the Bill of Rights is quite remarkable, especially when he stands up in front of Republicans and points out that that party should come after country.

There's a fundamental problem with Bush's stance on his role as executive, and that is that his faithful are (or perhaps were) largely defending him because of a host of reasons mostly related to personal trust or party affiliation, not law or reason. If Clinton had attempted this seizure of power from checks and balances, I'd be dismayed, too, even more so because Clinton was a lawyer, was a scholar.

Here's the key line from Dana Milbank's Washington Post story:

"Whether it's a sitting president when I was an impeachment manager, or a Republican president who has taken liberties with adherence to the law, to me the standard is the same," [Barr] said.