Diapers and Clubs

1000BI used to make fun of people who used The Club to protect their car from being stolen--or rather to "deter" thieves--because I knew, like most car thieves know, that the Club doesn't prevent a determined thief. If it deters, it probably deters to another car on your street. Of course, that was before two things happened. First, most new cars sold into urban and upscale markets have electronic ignitions that are disabled without the appropriate key fob thingee. Second, my car was stolen.

True, it was stolen for just ten feet, but the ignition was destroyed and it cost $1,000 to have it fixed, with 3/4 paid by insurance. My wife and I realized that The Club, in this case, would have prevented the rank amateurs from trying to break into our car. If we were lucky, they might have drooled their meth-addled way by foot over a nearby ravine's guardrail. (Supposition. The car was so poorly stolen that I assume druggies did it.)

Now an unrelated idea about identity theft: Diaper insertion. Here's the idea. Child care centers make extra money by having piles of chopped-up credit cards and bills that they place in dirty diapers after changing a kid. The volume would be high enough to handle a lot of identity-laden materials. And I have to ask: Is anyone desperate enough to go through dirty diapers to get a chance at chopped credit cards? Not my best idea, but we might beta test it at home.