Commission Junction's DNS Servers Misconfigured

Odd request, but this might percolate out over Technorati: I discovered that Commission Junction's DNS is misarranged so that the domains they use for affiliate program tracking and redirection are failing. I called Akamai, which handles their DNS, because CJ lacks good contact information on their site. Akamai looked into it and said that there was a change, but it was made by CJ, and thus they can't modify it. So I'm posting this in the hopes that someone associated with Commission Junction or its Valueclick division will get it and drop me email at so I can explain what's wrong. I'll remove this post when things are fixed.

(CJ manages affiliate programs for ecommerce sites with publishers. My site uses CJ for several bookstores. When you see a price result on my site and click, that redirects through a unique combination of CJ domains, to reach the right page on the right destination site. The DNS is set up such as that a domain like is a CNAME (canonical name or alias) to But has no A (address) record associated, which means the redirect fails but good.)