Random Xeni Sighting, Siting, Citing

My officemate and I were walking back from local natural food store PCC to our office in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, when who should we bump into but Xeni Jardin, a BoingBoing contributor, as well as a regular reporter for NPR's Day to Day (Xeni Tech), The New York Times, Wired News and Wired Magazine, and so forth. I met Xeni some time ago and we correspond about tech issues and such. BoingBoing's ads are sold by John Battelle's Federated Media, which also represents my Wi-Fi Networking News family of sites.

Xeni was in town to interview [omitted] about [omitted], and then was off to [omitted] and is working on [omitted] for [omitted], which she thought would be [omitted]. She had an exclusive [omitted] with [omitted] this morning, too. (Yes, those [omitted]'s are intentional, not later additions.)

This is the difficulty of writing about talking to other journalists. There's always a story or five that's in progress that you can't spill publicly because you'll be scooped or you've promised embargoes. We chatted about her recent time in India and Tibet that she wrote up and produced audio segments on all over the place. I don't have anything that's simmering, so I could spill what I was working on.

I'm a Xeni fan because she does that thing that I aspire to: in her writing and audio reporting connects tech to people, not tech to other tech, which tends to be the result of my writing. But I'm working on it.

Update: Okay, one of those [omitteds] was that she had an exclusive BoingBoing interview with Al Gore this morning about a Yahoo/Current partnership for video that's trying to emulate YouTube.