Take Control of Your Domain Names

My latest ebook is out, covering the knotty and irritating topic of picking a domain name, registering, and getting a Web site and email working for that domain. The topic is one that I have some experience with, having registered my first domains back in 1994 for an early Web hosting company I co-founded. (A lot of those early domains wound up being generic names that various owners, including me, sold for moderate to extremely large sums in the intervening years.)

The book explains DNS (domain name system), what a registrar's role is, and how to figure out how to pick and get that domain name registered so that you own it. I talk about the benefits of so-called stealth or private registration, in which you can hide your own name and address but still be the full owner of the domain name.

I also go into a lot of detail on how to pick a Web hosting company and an email host. You might choose one firm to register your domain name, handling your name service (DNS), run your Web site, and provide you with email. But there are some compelling reasons to split that service up a bit.

If you're a reporter or blogger and want a review copy, drop me a line.