24-Hour Pharmacies in Seattle

Lynn and I needed to fill a prescription for Ben on Sunday night at 7 pm, and some pharmacies close early on Sundays or weekends. We did quickly find that Bartell's in University Village is open until 9 pm, but none of the staff at the nearby QFC (at the service booth) or either of the on-duty pharmacists at Bartell's could easily tell us where we would find a 24-hour pharmacy in Seattle. They suggested, but didn't know.

I had thought it was a law or practice that every pharmacy, when closed, had the name, address, and phone number of the nearest 24-hour pharmacy. It seems logical to do so, because if you can't fill the prescription, it likely means someone really needs it. It shouldn't be a competitive issue. But apparently that's not the case.

Herewith, I'm listing the 24-hour pharmacies I've found in Seattle, and I hope if others find this post, they will add additional information in the comments.

Bartell Drugs, Queen Anne: 600 First Ave. N. (map), pharmacy 206-284-1354. This is the only 24-hour Bartell in Seattle of any kind.

Walgreens, Ballard: 5409 15th Ave. NW (map), pharmacy 206-781-0056.

Uh...that's it. Help?