40 Year Old Train Wreck

Lynn and I watched The 40-Year-Old Virgin last night, which was funny and at times charming, and worth watching, but was remarkable for its tedium, length, and poor editing. The movie had at least four different movies in it: a teenage sex romp rewritten with actors supposed to be from mid-20s to 40; a small film about a guy growing up; a movie about a woman who has made many errors in her life and finally is getting her act together; and a 70s movie.

The movie veered from a relatively reasonable portrayal of a guy who, due to funny problems with girlfriends and dates, had turned his sexual interest into obsessive hobbies (playing a brass instrument, painting tiny figurines, collecting action figures, and so on). Great line: "Is that Steve Austin's boss?" "Oscar Goldman, yes."

I'm unclear why so many people liked the movie since it felt more like those weird little cereal packs you could get for travel that had Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, and so forth. None would be that satisfying, but it was fun to have a little bit of each in variety.

The amount of swearing in the film was pretty astounding. In fact, I think David Mamet movies and plays have much less obscenity, and much of less of it gratuitous.