The Little Tiny Room

[somewhat abridged]

Mommy: Someday, your little brother [due in just over two weeks] will sleep in your room with you.

Daddy: In a separate bed.

Mommy: Will you like it when your little brother sleeps in the same room with you?

Ben [quietly]: Yes.


Ben: Want him to sleep in a little tiny room. [All laugh.]

Mommy: We don't have a little tiny room!

Daddy: Where's our little tiny room?

Ben: There! [points wildly]

Daddy: Where?

Ben: In the living room! Over there! [points to behind a chair]

Mommy: In the television cabinet?

Ben: Yes.

Mommy: The baby is going to sleep in the TV cabinet?

Ben: Yes!

Daddy: And the baby can watch as much TV as he wants.

Ben: The baby is going to watch videos! [laughs and laughs; all laugh.]