Reflux Redux and a Hat Cake

RexLynn and I have been wrestling with Rex's reflux. Rex is growing apace and is not a spit-up-y baby, but, like his big brother Ben, he has acid reflux (known as GERD among the cognoscenti). The reflux means that certain positions make him uncomfortable, that he starts wailing and thrashing his legs while nursing, and that burping can make him unhappy. It leaves him with acid breath, too. With Ben, once we had it all figured out with the help of our pediatrician and our post-partum doula, Zantac took care of the problem. He stayed on it well into his second year of life.

Rex is a harder nut to crack. We started him on Zantac a couple of weeks ago, but it had only an initial effect, which soon wore off. Lynn tried eliminating dairy for a week, too, as that can be a reflux contributor. She's pretty careful with what she eats because of that already. That didn't help. Our pediatrician said that Prilosec was the next option, which has a stronger effect (it's somewhat different in how it works), and we've been three days on that without any real help, so we got the word to up the dosage tonight.

We're very lucky, because Rex still sleeps long stretches, he's gaining weight, and he's not spitting up hardly at all. He's also not colicky--he can be consoled, although that's hard on Lynn and my 39-year-old backs. We learned a lot from Ben, so we have a huge number of tricks, and our post-partum doula is coming in to help with advice and household stuff twice a week, and that helps an enormous amount in staying on top of it.

Rex does have some happy alert time during the day--we had a nice batch of it this evening, in fact, where he was cooing, and nearly smiling. He was six weeks old yesterday, and Ben started smiling at five weeks, so we expect a grin any day. (He practices smiling in his sleep, like all babies.)

Now for the fun stuff, this evening's conversation with Ben.

I had mentioned to Ben a few days ago that because Rex does pretty well in the car while we're driving (also unusual for a reflux baby), we might take a long drive somewhere.

[Ben]: Want to go on a long drive.
[Daddy]: When Rex's stomach is feeling better, we could go visit a farm or go to the water.
[Ben]: Want to go to a farm. Go to a pumpkin patch!
[Daddy]: Well, the pumpkins aren't ready for about five months--a couple months after your birthday.
[Ben]: My birthday.
[Daddy]: Your birthday is just about three months away.
[Ben]: Want to have a party!
[Some discussion about who will come]
[Ben]: Want a castle cake! [Our friends the Blatner/Carlson's had an amazing cake in the form of a castle created by one of the grandmas for their younger boy's birthday last year.]
[More discussion about who will come]
[Ben]: Mr. Frumble can come! [Mr. Frumble is a bumbling pig in Richard Scarry books.]
[Daddy]: Do you want a cake shaped like Mr. Frumble?
[Ben]: Yes.
[Daddy]: Like Mr. Frumble's hat? [Which Mr. Frumble is always losing, and is green.]
[Ben]: Yes!
[Ben runs into the dining room, where Lynn is eating]
[Ben]: I want to eat Mr. Frumble's hat!